Meteors represent the physical connection between the boundlessness of space and our life on Earth. The experience of witnessing the luminous blaze of a single meteor, or the light show provided by a meteor shower, is one that has captured the imagination of humans since we first gazed skyward. We have learned that meteors are a permanent phenomena, emanating from asteroid belts that orbit Earth for eternity. In fact, nearly all of the shooting stars that we see are created by particles as small as a grain of sand. Yet on rare occasions meteorites make contact with the Earth’s surface, generating forces capable of reshaping our terrain (Yellowstone) and wiping out an ecosystem (dinosaurs). Technology advances crafted by modern explorers continue to expand, as well as redefine, our understanding of the universe. This understanding, when combined with the right resources and partners, enhances the human experience.

So perhaps it is that a Meteor is the metaphorical spark of our world and the universe merging in constant, unpredictable, but undeniably beautiful and powerful ways.